Monday, August 6, 2012

Tool 3

This video defines the various types of autism and aspergers syndrome,  The gentleman presenting the video is 24 and is diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome.  He has posted many videos on his page on youtube talking about different challenges people with Autism face.  He also gives you an idea of how they see and experiences the world.

This is an animated video that describes some of the different characteristics of Autism to 
promote Autism awareness. 

When using copyrighted materials only use as much as you need.  Are you re purposing the materials will the use advertise the materials and benefit the original creator.

Dropbox could be a very useful tool for teacher to share files with their students.  I will have to see how I can use it in my classroom with my students. 

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  1. What an amazing video-loved his explanations. Thanks for sharing.