Monday, August 13, 2012

Tool 11

1. Some of my favorite tools are Google docs, Diggo, Drop Box, and Go Animate.  I will use Go Animate with my students to created social stories to model appropriate behavior in and out of class.  Social stories are a very valuable tool we use in my classroom.  Go Animate will be a fun and new way to make them.

2. Currently, I already incorporate new technology in my class when I can, however I did discover new tools and new ways to use them.  My students have many learning challenges and technology always helped create an environment that facilitated their learning. 

3. The one thing that surprised me was how much technology the district makes available for us to use in our classrooms.  It is good that the district has embraced all these new tools to help our students learn.  Our students use these tools at home and in the community on a daily basis therefore it is  only natural that we incorporate  them in the classroom to facilitate their leaning.

Tool 10

1.  Three things that I want to make sure that my students understand about being good digital citizens are: 
Good digital citizenship is essential in their learning process because it keeps them safe.
They are responsible for all their activities online.
If activities by a student violate the SBISD Acceptable Use Policy it will be addressed as indicated in the student handbook. 

2. I would use the video on Brainpop Jr. because my students are already familiar with the characters and it will keep their attention better.

3. I would first model what a good digital citizen was and then role play with my students’ proper behavior vs. inappropriate behavior online.

4. Parents are advised of digital citizenship at the beginning of the semester in the syllabus.  I will also talk to my parents about how we will be using technology in classroom and let them know that we monitor all the students when they go online.

Tool 9

1.   It is important to tie the technology to the objective because students use technology devices very frequently at home to play video games.  Students need to know these devices can also be used to support learning in and out of the classroom.

2.  We should hold students accountable for the stations/centers because the stations and centers are important tools for learning.  They teach students how to interact with all the new tools and technology available to them.  They can also teach them how to work and collaborated with others.

3. I liked Tutpup and Learning Games for Kids. I could use these as stations to reinforced skills I am working on with my students.  They could also be good reinforcement activities  on task behavior and proper behavior in my classroom.  My students are monitored  all time so therefore, they will be held accountable by being on task at these stations.

4. I found ABA Flash Cards – Emotions and Count TV. I could use ABA Flash Cards with my social studies/social skills lessons on identifying emotions and how emotions affect us.  I could use Count TV in my math rotations as an independent task to give my students more practice with counting. 

5. Many of my students use a token system to help them stay on task and complete their work or task in class.  Once they earn all their tokens they are allowed to have a reward.  I can use the I pad as a reward for them. With all the apps it can be reinforcing, fun and educational at the same time.

Tool 8

1. I learned how to download apps.
2. I learned how to sync apps to iPads.
3. I learned how to operate the notebook.

I plan to manage the devices in the classroom by:
1.   Having students and parents read, sign and return the SBISD AUP policy found in the SBISD Student Handbook.
2.    Creating general technology guidelines for how I and my Paras will use the devices when interacting with our students.
3.    Developing rules and procedures charging and taking care of the devices.
4.    Make sure that all devices are accounted for each day.

Tool 7

1.            After visiting the resources above, design a collaborative project with another classroom.

2.            Post the following about the project:

a.            Content objective: Content will be to brainstorming with other LS/Apple teachers to created strategies and techniques to help students with autism control behavior to facilitated learning in the classroom. 

b.            When you plan to implement: I would like to begin work on it within the first 9 weeks of the new school year

c.            What tool(s) you plan to use: Google docs/Skype/ Wallwisher
d.            A brief description of the project (plan - two or three sentences): The project will be used to help brainstorm ideas to help teach students with Autism how to decrease and control behavior in the classroom.  The object would be to teach our students how to self-regulate their behavior to create a better learning environment for them.

e.            If you need to find another classroom - We can begin networking with other classrooms right here! I plan to discuss my idea with LS/Apple teachers at our first Staff Development.

Tool 6

Poll Everywhere

I used Poll Everywhere to created a simple poll for students to vote on what book they would like to read today.  Poll Everywhere is used to get feedback and survey student topics for content discussion.  It supports student engagement by giving them multiple ways to answer the polls.

I also used Wallwisher and created a wall about a favorite memory from the summer.

Wallwisher could be a very good tool to get students involved in lessons and share their thought and ideas with the class.  They can also create their own walls to ask other students questions.

I think these tools could be very useful in the classroom to give little quizzes to check for understanding on a topic.  You can also use them to get all students involved in the lessons.

Tool 5

Tool 5

hill2s's Animation by hill2s on GoAnimate

Video Maker - Powered by GoAnimate.

1.) Above is a short video on the proper way to enter a classroom for a student social needs. Many of my students struggle in social situations with teachers and peers.  I think Go Animate could be a good tool to make social stories for my students to help them with social interactions. You will also notice a lot of repetition with the student and teachers name.  Some of my students also struggle with identifying teachers, peers or objects by name. So we try to repeat names as much a possible in our social stories. 


27181359C761196  This is a link to a comic strip I made with Make Beliefs Comix. I used it to make a social story to help a student when they get upset. It models steps to help the student regain control to help them calm down.

3.) I think these tools can be very helpful in modeling proper behavior in different situations in school and in the community. My student needs lots of repetition with these skills and modeling is a good tool to help them. I can also use these tool with my students to create social situations and have them decide what the characters should say and do in the stories.