Monday, August 13, 2012

Tool 10

1.  Three things that I want to make sure that my students understand about being good digital citizens are: 
Good digital citizenship is essential in their learning process because it keeps them safe.
They are responsible for all their activities online.
If activities by a student violate the SBISD Acceptable Use Policy it will be addressed as indicated in the student handbook. 

2. I would use the video on Brainpop Jr. because my students are already familiar with the characters and it will keep their attention better.

3. I would first model what a good digital citizen was and then role play with my students’ proper behavior vs. inappropriate behavior online.

4. Parents are advised of digital citizenship at the beginning of the semester in the syllabus.  I will also talk to my parents about how we will be using technology in classroom and let them know that we monitor all the students when they go online.

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