Monday, August 13, 2012

Tool 5

Tool 5

hill2s's Animation by hill2s on GoAnimate

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1.) Above is a short video on the proper way to enter a classroom for a student social needs. Many of my students struggle in social situations with teachers and peers.  I think Go Animate could be a good tool to make social stories for my students to help them with social interactions. You will also notice a lot of repetition with the student and teachers name.  Some of my students also struggle with identifying teachers, peers or objects by name. So we try to repeat names as much a possible in our social stories. 


27181359C761196  This is a link to a comic strip I made with Make Beliefs Comix. I used it to make a social story to help a student when they get upset. It models steps to help the student regain control to help them calm down.

3.) I think these tools can be very helpful in modeling proper behavior in different situations in school and in the community. My student needs lots of repetition with these skills and modeling is a good tool to help them. I can also use these tool with my students to create social situations and have them decide what the characters should say and do in the stories.

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