Monday, August 13, 2012

Tool 9

1.   It is important to tie the technology to the objective because students use technology devices very frequently at home to play video games.  Students need to know these devices can also be used to support learning in and out of the classroom.

2.  We should hold students accountable for the stations/centers because the stations and centers are important tools for learning.  They teach students how to interact with all the new tools and technology available to them.  They can also teach them how to work and collaborated with others.

3. I liked Tutpup and Learning Games for Kids. I could use these as stations to reinforced skills I am working on with my students.  They could also be good reinforcement activities  on task behavior and proper behavior in my classroom.  My students are monitored  all time so therefore, they will be held accountable by being on task at these stations.

4. I found ABA Flash Cards – Emotions and Count TV. I could use ABA Flash Cards with my social studies/social skills lessons on identifying emotions and how emotions affect us.  I could use Count TV in my math rotations as an independent task to give my students more practice with counting. 

5. Many of my students use a token system to help them stay on task and complete their work or task in class.  Once they earn all their tokens they are allowed to have a reward.  I can use the I pad as a reward for them. With all the apps it can be reinforcing, fun and educational at the same time.

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