Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tool 2

I guess I am guilty of being a lurkers (read or observe without contributing) I usually read a lot of article and blogs and all the comments the readers leave, but never comment on them myself.  But after reading Cool Cat Teacher Blog I think I will do my best to get involved in the conversations and try contribute some of my knowledge.  I do agree that people need to be mindful  when they comment and try to stay professional.   I made one  comment on Jennifer Lester's blog today and plan to make more soon.

I singed up for a Diigo account.  I am following Jennifer Lester and I also joined the Diigo Autism Teacher group.  I also signed up for Google Reader as well.  I am following the Learning Disabilities blog (, Special Education and Learning Differences
( and Technology Integration in Education (Technology Impact on Schools)

I think participation in a PLN is gonging to be very beneficial to me.  It will allow me to connect with other professional in my filed that I can learn from and give me new insight in how to better teach my students.  Just today I found a few sites and blogs that I think will be very helpful to me this year.

I plan on visiting the Teaching Children with Special Needs site ( I hope this site will offer me some new strategies to help me  be a better teacher to help my students.

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  1. Hey Sam - congrats on what you have accomplished so far! I use Diigo a lot, and really appreciate what it has to offer - definitely organization for articles and things we all want to keep, but we don't want all the paper everywhere! I bet there is a lot of great stuff out there for your content! Way to go!